Infill Edmonton

There are many cities are struggling with balancing the problem of maturing neighborhoods in the city proper with explosive population growth in the suburbs. This can definitely be frustrating, but the city of Edmonton has done a very good job seeing the problem before it blows up out of control and working proactively to help mitigate it in such a way to provide a winning situation for everybody involved. The infill Edmonton plan renovating, restoring, and creating new homes in mature existing neighborhoods of the city is the result.

So why is this so important? Aside from the fact that urban sprawl is bad for the environment, not to mention hell on the public transportation system, the city faces the particular challenge of expecting over 170,000 new residents in the next ten years. This is going to lead to far too much building out in the suburbs and way too much brawl if a better solution isn’t tackled. However the mature neighborhoods in the city have seen a population decline of 73,000 people in the past four decades.

This provides a very elegant solution, which is to bring the city closer together and to restore old or mature neighborhoods through new housing right in the city. In the past six years alone nearly 8500 new homes have been built under this program, and given the average house size in the city that’s over 21,000 people were in the city instead of out in the suburbs. That is nothing to sneeze at.

The infill Edmonton housing program has led to renewed life in many of these mature neighborhoods that previously been losing not only population but also seeing housing fall into decrepit states, abandonment, or even empty lots which were simply not being used for anything.

Considering the massive growth of population that the city is expecting in the future, there is no question that they need to take advantage of every empty lot, every abandoned house needing renovation, and every opportunity to help these mature neighborhoods get new blood, new life, and all the benefits that come with that. When all the older neighborhoods in the city are doing well the city is a whole is going to prosper because of that.

This is an outstanding program that looks to continue to build the tight knit community of Edmonton while addressing the future population boom in a way that benefits everyone.