When it comes to woodwork in a house or building, there’s no question that you want the absolute best material available. Going with a rock solid oak beam is a fantastic option in many cases, especially in those where quality and the ability to last for a long time are crucial. Oak has long been seen as a strong hardwood that enjoys a reputation for being among the best building materials because it is tried and true, strong, and has the molecular stability to handle a lot of weight. Order oak beam online here.

Pros Of Oak Beams
There are many positive benefits that come with using big oak beams. They are great for a wide variety of uses and can often be custom cut to meet whatever your specific needs are. Oak doesn’t just break. It is a very dense and heavy wood, but that also gives it an additional sturdiness and durability.

These beams can be treated or untreated, take a stain or be left natural, and are often used in an impressive array of ways that include fireplace beams, structural beams, and oak floating shelves. This obviously requires different lengths, different cuts, and different supports depending on the actual use of the beam but it does go to show the versatility of a wood that has been among the favorite building material of many cultures for centuries.

Potential Cons Of Oak Beams
There aren’t many, but there are a few basic caveats that should come with any long list of positives. One of them is that oak is indeed a heavier wood so in situations where weight is a factor, it is going to limit the number of cuts or the size that can be used. Oak can also be fairly expensive compared to cheaper synthetic alternatives, which makes the budget something you need to be more aware of.

All that being said, generally speaking those are small prices to pay when compared to the many positive benefits that going with oak will give you.

In Conclusion
Each job is going to have is own needs and the right building materials should always be considered on a customized case by case basis, if you are looking for stalwart materials that can put up with a huge number of factors and still look good. When you have a truly solidly cut and treated oak beam you are getting exactly that.

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