Nobody enjoys sharing their living quarters with pests no matter what size or variety they happen to be. One of the biggest problems with pests is they can be incredibly difficult to get rid off, so sometimes the best solution is just to call a Natural pest control expert.

It has been said that cockroaches are the worst since they could probably survive the worst natural disaster. Even if the actual insects are destroyed, their eggs can remain viable for years to hatch once their environment is more favorable. Prevention is the first defense against a roach infestation, so care should be taken to keep kitchens free of any foods that could attract the nasty bugs. If even one cockroach is spotted, it is a sure thing there are many more hiding in the darkness of cracks and crevices. A roach treatment should be applied and followed up with frequent vacuuming to hopefully get rid of any eggs that could hatch.

Mice and rats are extremely destructive, both indoors and outdoors. Farmers have kept cats for many years to keep the rodents under control. While cats along cannot eradicate the pests, they are able to reduce the population considerably, especially in areas where grain is stored.

Anyone who has found evidence of mice in their home typically launches a campaign to eliminate them. This can be difficult since mice multiply quickly so catching a few will not significantly reduce the population. It is important to prevent the mice from having access to any food items, but they can chew through cardboard and plastic with no problem. After the homeowner has fought the battle without winning for weeks or months, they should probabl

y call a pest control company for help.

Insects and rodents that are large enough to see are not the worst pests humans must deal with. In fact, fleas are nearly invisible but anyone who has dealt with them knows how difficult it can be to get rid of them. Most flea infestations begin with fleas jumping on cats or dogs while they are outside. If the animal is not wearing a flea collar or has been treated with some form of flea prevention, they will soon be the host of hundreds of the blood  sucking pests. By the time the owner becomes aware of the infestation, he will face a major battle trying to remove all the adults, nymphs and eggs from the home. Treatment of the pet is necessary followed by intensive vacuuming and washing of rugs and all the pets bedding.

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