masonry fireplaceHaving a fireplace at home is all fun and games until you have to clean it. Keep your furnace well-maintained with masonry fireplace tips to remember.


Start On The Inside


Before aiming to the clean or maintain the outside of your fireplace, make sure you fix the interior by continually cleaning it mainly after you use it. Not only will it be presentable, but the next cookout session will also undoubtedly be a blast because the clean area promotes longer lasting fires.


Choose The Best Wood


Up to date, hardwood is still the most preferred material for most fireplace activities. You might think that you need to cut down a few branches and voila! Everything is perfect. Unfortunately, there is a science to wood burning, and you should pay attention. Some wood may cause unnecessary smoke production or leave unwanted scraps. Some may burn longer or shorter, depending on the quality. You might be paying a lot for low-quality wood, so it’s best to make yourself knowledgeable of the simple stuff.


Throw Away Creosote


Creosote is a material usually left over after wood does not fully combust. Meaning, if you leave these things and set up another fire in the future, it may cause more significant and more dangerous flames. The best way to avoid big, dangerous flames is to clean the fireplace right after you use it thoroughly. Fires have the possibility of reaching the chimney, causing more damage and posing more health risks.


Always Inspect Before And After Setting A Fire


In connection with the creosote incident, inspections do

masonry fireplacene before a cookout will help ensure a worry-free activity. Also, checking after the event helps because there might be unwanted smoke still seeping through some of the leftover wood even if you extinguished the flames. Smoke may contribute to health risks or also trigger allergies and asthmas.


Invest In Fans And Blowers


Give yourself a break from all the manual fanning and buy a small, electric fan or blower. Purchasing a fan will save you more time and energy, allowing you to fully relax when hosting a cookout or camping party at home.


Visit masonry fireplace for more tips and how to’s regarding fireplace maintenance!


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