A child’s birthday party should be a time of joy to be shared with family and friends. It can be filled with fun and activities that will keep young minds entertained and also reduce the stress on the parents or caregivers. The first choice for children’s birthday parties has traditionally been the home – but increasingly because of time and other constraints people are looking for a less labor intensive option. This where the birthday party venue comes in. Often these venues will offer value added services such as catering and childminding services, as well as entertainment. The challenge is to find the right venue to celebrate a birthday. If you live in the Brooklyn area here are some great choices to ensure the best kids birthday party places in Brooklyn not only goes off without a hitch but it also gives adults in the party time to relax.


  1. Everyday Athlete


If there is something that makes the parent proud it should be the fact that that the child is active and is exercising both body and mind. At the venue at 130 Clinton Street kids can enjoy the Ninja experience, negotiate an obstacle course and shred during a skateboarding party. The skateboarding parties are great as kids make their own skateboards. Party services include pizza and a dance party for the younger folk after the party itself.


  1. Shipwrecked Miniature Golf


Who does not love a good tale of adventure on the High Seas? 18 Holes of great miniature golf on a state of the art course where spills on a course where lights and special effects make every party a special occasion. There’s also a great party room where up to 24 celebrants can gather to enjoy the great party atmosphere. Each special birthday guest receives a gift and also goodie bags with the treasure that would enable little people to enjoy the great experience are all part of the shipwreck experience.


So if you are in need of the best kid’s birthday party places in Brooklyn then there are plenty of opportunities. Take advantage of them.

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